Meet the chef


The Culinary Demons chef, Jurgen Hofman is a passionate fire cooking expert with a knack for foraging, fermentation, and creating unique culinary experiences. They offer a variety of services, including restaurant consulting, BBQ workshops, pop-up restaurants, and events.


A culinary fire artist with a passion for exploring the wild flavors of nature, the Culinary Demons chef is a master of fire cooking, foraging, and fermentation. Their expertise extends beyond the grill, as they also consult with restaurants, host engaging BBQ workshops, curate exciting pop-up restaurants and events.

With a deep respect for seasonal ingredients and a flair for experimentation, the Culinary Demons chef transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary adventures. Their dishes are a symphony of textures, flavors, and aromas, each bite a testament to their culinary artistry.

Whether you're seeking an intimate private dining experience, an unforgettable pop-up event, or the chance to expand your culinary horizons through workshops and consultations, Jurgen is the perfect guide to unlocking the world of fire-kissed flavours and wild culinary delights.